Re: Futile Attempt to Extend Tenancy



To: Valued Tenants

Dear Tenants,

Thank you for letting us know of your severe symptoms of Covid-19 and that you will be needing to isolate past your tenancy.

We are very kindly offering you the options of either–

  1. Paying £1,000 per night, for every night you require to stay.
  2. YOU will need to contact the future tenants and ensure that they do not agree to your needs, BUT due to data protection laws we cannot give you their details.

Alternatively, you can however unfeasible, look to isolate in your next property, that we know does not begin until next week.

We have also noticed you spent far higher than average amount of time in the property over the past year. This is in breach of our Reasonable Use policy and we require a surcharge for this reason.

Stay safe,

All the best,


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