Palatinate is the award-winning student newspaper of Durham University. Having been founded in 1948, it is one of Britain’s oldest student publications. Notable former editors include George Alagiah, Hunter Davies, Jeremy Vine, John Exelby, Cristina Nicolotti Squires and the late Sir Harold Evans.

Palatinate covers all of the latest Durham news, culture and sport. Our sections range from Comment, Politics and Science and Technology to Interview, Visual Arts and Food and Drink, and many more. The latter three sections are part of Indigo, our arts and lifestyle magazine which was founded in 2010 and comes with the newspaper as a pullout.

Palatinate is printed on a fortnightly basis during term, reaching student readers across Durham. Alongside print, we publish articles on our website on a rolling basis.

Unlike many other university publications, we operate without the assistance of a paid sabbatical editor. Our editorial board is made up entirely of full-time Durham students working to produce a professional-quality newspaper in their spare time.

We circulate 2,000 copies of our fortnightly print edition, and in 2020 our website received a total of one million views. On average, we receive between 80,000 and 100,000 website views a month, with around half of those being unique visitors.

We have capacity for advertisements in both print and online. Please contact our advertising team via for further information and a copy of our Media Pack, or view or download it using the following link: