Who are we?

Founded in 1948, Palatinate is Durham University’s student newspaper and the winner of the SPA’s Best Student Publication in 2021. We are a trusted source of student and local with over 100,000 monthly views on our website, and a fortnightly print circulation of 2,000. Our articles reach virtually all Durham students, and have been linked in national titles such as the Guardian, the Times and the Daily Telegraph.

We have a strong online presence with 7,000 likes on Facebook, 6,400 followers on Twitter, and over 6,000 on Instagram. Our website has 40,000 individual visitors per month. Meanwhile, our print editions are distributed across the University campus, including libraries and accommodation buildings, and across Durham City. 

Our multi-platform approach helps brands engage with students in print, online, and through social media.

Our offerings

Our advertising is flexible, and helps you to specifically engage with students.

  • Variety of advert sizes in our print edition
  • Variety of advertise sizes on our website
  • Sponsored articles published on our website and shared on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Sponsored reviews of books, restaurants, shops, services, and others
  • Feature on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram “stories”

Get in Touch

We can help you increase brand awareness and engagement by specifically targeting students. 

Want to advertise to students quickly and cheaply? You can feature for 24 hours on our social media ‘stories’ for just £50 to our 6,300 Instagram followers, or for £100 for 24 hours on our 3 social media accounts with a combined following of over 20,000.

For our other offerings and more detail, download the Palatinate Media Pack below.

For enquiries and any other information on how Palatinate can help you reach Durham students, please email our Advertising Officers on