Get Involved

Any student at Durham can be part of Palatinate. Whether you’re interested in writing, reporting, photography, illustration or design, there’s something for you. There are three main ways to get involved:

  1. Pitch your ideas via email to the relevant section editor. If you have an idea for a story or piece, send an email to the editor of the section in which you think it may fit. These emails can be found below, but if you’re not sure which section is most appropriate, email
  2. Write a story from a content call. Editors paste regular content calls on their section Facebook contributors pages, where students can request to write up ideas from a list. Links to these pages can also be found below.
  3. Apply for an editorial position. Section editors are appointed on a rolling basis, and vacancies are advertised on our social media platforms and the vacancies section of our website. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to apply. All applications are assessed anonymously at the first stage.

Getting involved in Palatinate requires no prior experience of journalism, and full training is provided by our editorial board. Whatever your skills or interests, we look forward to hearing from you. To get an idea of the sort of content we run, explore our website or pick up a copy of the paper from college, the Bill Bryson Library or Elvet Riverside.

Below is a list of every section’s email address and a link to their contributor group. Please note that, due to the unique nature of News, there is no contributor group for the section. If you know of something newsworthy, please email

Sport –
‘Palatinate Sport Contributors’

SciTech –
‘Palatinate Scitech Contributors’

Puzzles –

Satire –
‘Palatinate Satire Contributors’

Features –
‘Indigo Features Contributors’

Books –
‘Indigo Books Contributors’

Music –
‘Indigo Music Contributors’

Stage –
‘Indigo Stage Contributors’

Film & TV –
‘Indigo Film & TV Contributors’

Creative Writing –
‘Indigo Creative Writing Contributors’

Visual Arts –
‘Indigo Visual Arts Contributors’

Style –
‘Indigo Style Contributors’

Food & Drink –
‘Indigo Food & Drink Contributors’

Travel –
‘Indigo Travel Contributors’

Interview –
‘Indigo Interview Contributors’

Photography –
‘Palatinate Photographers’

Illustrations –
‘Palatinate Illustrators’