A foolproof guide to (sort of) smashing Wordle

Palatinate Satire is here to give you the complete rundown of what makes Wordle so fun! Because let’s be honest, what’s not to love about deliberating over 5 words when you’re only 5 words (if that) into your dissertation?

Step 1

Choose the first word that comes into your head, the most common are STRESS, STUCK and TEARS. Or alternatively, if you want to be that lowly-lame, low-risk logophile opt for a ‘good’ starter word – maybe ROATE or ADIEU (but despite their insistence that these are foolproof first words they’ll likely be utterly useless)

Step 2

Forget every single word you have ever learned.

Step 3

Wait approximately 35 minutes to painfully deliberate the next word.

Step 4

Take a long hard sigh and indignantly exclaim to the person next to you: “a word shouldn’t have 4 Zs in it anyway.”

Step 5

Try to resist that incessant urge to post your pretty average results on your story, but hey, we can’t deny that there’s no feeling quite like guessing one right.


Image: diverse stock photos via flickr

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