Past Editors

The list of past Editors-in-Chief is being updated as we go through past copies. Do get in touch if you would like to suggest additions by emailing

Michaelmas Term: Cameron McIntosh and Julia Atherley
Easter Term 2018: Sophie Gregory and Cameron McIntosh
Epiphany Term 2018: Eugene Smith and Sophie Gregory
Michaelmas Term 2018: Adam Cunnane and Eugene Smith
Easter Term 2017: Ryan Gould and Adam Cunnane
Epiphany Term 2017: Charlier Taylor-Kroll and Ryan Gould
Michaelmas Term 2017: Oliver Mawhinney and Charlie Taylor-Kroll
Easter Term 2016: Alex Cupples and Oliver Mawhinney
Epiphany Term 2016: Joshua Smith and Alex Cupples
Michaelmas Term 2015: Henry Clare and Joshua Smith
Easter Term 2015: Tom Fenton and Henry Clare
Epiphany Term 2015: Tom Fenton and Christopher Somers
Michaelmas Term 2014: Justin Villamil and Christopher Somers
Easter Term 2014: Ben Hamer and Victoria Ferguson
Epiphany Term 2014: Ben Hamer and Victoria Ferguson
Michaelmas Term 2013: Ben Hamer and Jillian Ward
Easter Term 2013: Harriet Line and Jillian Ward
Epiphany Term 2013: Harriet Line and Florence Snead
Michaelmas Term 2012: Charlie Taverner and Olivia Rudgard
Easter Term 2012: Charlie Taverner and Larry Bartleet
Epiphany Term 2012: Delaney Chambers and Hannah Shaddock
Michaelmas Term 2011: Daniel Johnson and Hugh Anderson-Elliot
Easter Term 2011: Daniel Johnson and John Burn-Murdoch
Epiphany Term 2011: Jack Battersby and Rosie Boscawen
Michaelmas Term 2010: Ally Bacon and Matthew Richardson
Easter Term 2010: Vincent McAviney and Jodie Smith
Epiphany Term 2010: Vincent McAviney and Liza Miller
Michaelmas Term 2009: Daniel Bjelis and Chris Wright
Easter Term 2009: James Thompson
Epiphany Term 2009: James Thompson
Michaelmas Term 2008: Emily Purser and Maz Farookhi
Epiphany Term 2008: Christopher Gribbin and Alice Hemsworth

Michaelmas Term 2005: Ed Rose
Easter Term 2002: Helen Brown
Michaelmas Term 2002: Ed Mezzetti
Epiphany Term 2001: Kitty Donaldson
Michaelmas Term 1987: Aisling Irwin
Easter Term 1987: Cristina Nicolotti-Squire
Epiphany Term 1987: Cristina Nicolotti-Squire
Michaelmas 1986: Clare Lyons
Easter 1986: Wendy Pilmer
Epiphany Term 1986: Jeremy Vine
Michaelmas Term 1985: Adrian Wells
Easter Term 1985: Tim Burt
Epiphany Term 1985: Tim Burt
Michaelmas Term 1984 Joel Donovan
Easter Term 1984 Alastair McCall
Epiphany Term 1984: Alastair McCall

Michaelmas 1956: M. J. C. Eaves
Easter 1956: L. Ellenor
Epiphany 1956: D. J. Dyson
Michaelmas 1955: J. M. Thew
Easter 1955: A. P. Byrne
Epiphany 1955: D. Gains
Michaelmas 1954: R. G. Phillips
Easter 1954: J. M. Munro
Epiphany 1954: J. M. Munro
Michaelmas 1953: J. Wells
Easter 1953: J. Wells
Epiphany 1953: J. T. Joyce
Michaelmas 1952: R. A. Penfold
Easter 1952: P. E. Hoyle
Epiphany 1952: P. D. A. Campbell
Michaelmas 1951: D. A. Reeder
Easter 1951: P. G. Edwards
Epiphany 1951: H. M. Evans (Sir Harold Evans)
Michaelmas 1950: Derek Harrison
Easter 1950: Derek Harrison
Epiphany 1950: E. K. T. Coles
Michaelmas 1949: E. K. T. Coles
Easter 1949: J. A. Gordon
Epiphany 1949: J. A. Gordon
Michaelmas 1948: J. E. H. Spaul
Easter 1948: L. W. George
Epiphany 1948: L. W. George and A. Burman

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