Lecturer defends ‘ad hoc’ use of Latin phrases


Palatinate interviewed Professor Roman Caecilius Atticus Aventinus, who had 96% of students complain about his use of Latin in the recent MEQs.

“Latin is the sine qua non of great teaching(1). I simply use Latin phrases ubi necessarium and utilis. It is de facto utter deliramentum that any student should be contra its use in lectures”, Professor Aventinus told Palatinate.

When asked if Professor Aventinus thought it difficult for some students to understand the use of Latin in his lectures he stated that: “Condemnant quo non intellegunt. I read Latin texts verbatim and it is up to the student to compare versus their vernacular and vice versa, et cetera et cetera.”

He further added that: “Caesar non surpa grammaticos(2). Students may find it useful to spend time est in horto this Summer with a play by Terence to hand, or Horace’s Satires.”

When asked for any final comments, the enraged Professor Aventinus added that: “I suppose if I started using Greek, hoi polio will start complaining too.”

(1) (Professor Aventinus urged us to include this) Aventinus, R.A.C. Love, Language, Love-language and Latin: a complete guide to greatness.

(2) ibid. p. 192

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