The Team

If you are interested in writing for Palatinate, or just finding out more about what we do, then please don’t hesitate to email the relevant editor(s). Palatinate has over fifteen different sections, ranging from Sport to Fashion, so there really is something for everyone.

Editors-in-Chief – Tash Mosheim & Tim Sigsworth

Deputy Editors – Toby Donegan-Cross & Max Kendix


News Editors – Patrick Stephens, Martha McHardy & Theo Burman

News Reporters – Kiara Davies, Richard Waters, Keziah Smith, Josh Hurn, Isabel Carmichael-Davis, Poppy Askham, Jess Jones, Orlando Bell, Abigail Brierley & Cristina Coellen

Investigations Editors – Luke Payne, Katie Tobin & Heather Rydings

Comment Editors –  Cerys Edwards & Harrison Newsham
Deputy Comment Editors – Ellie Fitzgerald-Tesh & vacant

Profile Editors – Isabella Green & Izzy Harris

Science & Technology Editors  Ewan Jones, Faye Saulsbury & Elise Garçon

Politics Editors –  Sophie Farmer & Aisha Sembhi
Deputy Politics Editors Anna Shepherd & Lilith Foster-Collins

Sport Editors – Matt Styles & Luke Power
Deputy Sport Editors – James Reid & Ben Fleming

Puzzle Editors Harry Jenkins & Thomas Simpson 


Indigo Editors – Hugo Millard & Millicent Machell

Features Editors – Elle Woods-Marshall, Imogen Higgins & Aadira Parakkat

Books Editors – Sol Noya Carreño & Millie Vickerstaff

Music Editors –  Kat Pittalis & Martha Dean

Stage Editors – Issy Flower & Charlie Barnett

Film & Television Editors – Madeleine Strom & Alex Rigotti

Creative Writing Editors Jemima Gurney & vacant

Visual Arts Editors – Emma Tucker & Carys Stallard

Travel Editors –  Gracie Linthwaite & Emma Johnson

Fashion Editors – Emily Potts & Erin Waks

Food & Drink Editors – Constance Lam & Meghna Amin

Interview Editors – Claudia Jacob & Aimee Dickinson


Chief Sub Editors – Naomi Rescorla-Brown & Ishita Srivastava

Sub Editors – Chloe Waugh, Michael Canty, Susie Bradley, Rj Batkhuu & Isobel Tighe


Photography Editor – Mark Norton
Deputy Photography Editors – Beatrice Law, James Tillotson & Adeline Zhao

Video Editor – James Tillotson

Illustrations Editors – Amber ConwayVerity Laycock & Samantha Fulton


Social Media Officers –  Zoya Antonova & vacant

Advertising Officers – Amana Moore, Kate Pesenti & Alex Cowan

Financial Officer – Sophie Garnett

A list of former Editors of Palatinate can be found here.

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