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If you are interested in writing for Palatinate, or just finding out more about what we do, then please don’t hesitate to email the relevant editor(s). Palatinate has over fifteen different sections, ranging from Sport to Fashion, so there really is something for everyone.

For the latest vacancies, keep an eye on our social media platforms and the vacancies section of this website.

Editors-in-Chief – Toby Donegan-Cross &

Deputy Editor – Harrison Newsham &


News Editors – Theo Burman, Poppy Askham &

News Reporters Keziah Smith, Orlando Bell, Cristina Coellen &

Investigations Editors – Patrick Stephens &

Comment Editors – Ellie Fitzgerald-Tesh &
Deputy Comment Editors –  George Pickthorn &

Profile Editors – Paul Ray &

Science & Technology Editors  Elise Garcon, Cameron McAllister &

Politics Editors –  Maddy Burt &
Deputy Politics Editors Joe Rossiter &

Sport Editors – George Simms, Abi Curran &
Deputy Sport Editors – Harvey Stevens &

Puzzle Editors Thomas Simpson, Hugo Bush & 

Satire Editors Ben Lycett & 


Indigo Editors – Cerys Edwards &

Features Editors – Isobel Tighe &

Books Editors – Imogen Marchant &

Music Editors – Katya Davisson &

Stage Editors – Ben Smart &

Film & Television Editors – Charlotte Grimwade &

Creative Writing Editors – Millie Stott &

Visual Arts Editors – Nicole Wu &

Travel Editors – Gracie Linthwaite &

Style Editors – Grace Jessop &

Food & Drink Editors – Nia Kile, Josie Lockwood &

Interview Editors – Stephanie Ormond &


Photography Editors – Lainey Lin, Thomas Tomlinson & Rob Laine

Video Editor

Illustrations Editors – Verity Laycock, Rosie Bromiley, Victoria Cheng &


Social Media Officers – Felicity Hartley, Georgia Heath &

Business Director – JJ Littlemore

Heads of Advertising – Alex Cowan, Thaddeus Dominic, Ben Stoneley & Kyra Onyebuchi

Heads of Alumni Relations – Elena Liciu &

Financial Officer –


Station Manager – James Tillotson (

Deputy Station Managers – Sophie Garnett &

Head Producer 

Creative Producer – Guy Rapascioli
Deputy Creative Producers – Millie Glenister &

News/Factual Producer – 
Deputy News/Factual Producers – John Cartin & Abi Brierly

Head of Broadcasting – Amelia Caley
Deputy Head of Broadcasting – Ellie Fitzgerald

Head Video Editor – Yijie Jia
Video Editors – Vivienne Shaw, Natalie Kan, Amy Haddow, Matty Grassow, Rex Munson, Ryan King & 
Tech Lead – Aman Wadha

Head of Accessibility and Diversity – Tilly Owen
Deputy Head of Accessibility and Diversity – 

Head of Marketing & Publicity –
Head of Design – Georgina Feltham-White
Social Media Managers – Velina Peykova & Alisa Kazinets
Head of Training – 

Head Camera Operator – 
Head of Cinematography
Camera Operators – Catherine Turner, Edie Wood, Izzi Jones, Amy Haddow, Matty Grassow, Ryan King, Rex Munson & Yijie Jia

Presenters – Tilly Owen, Ellie Fitzerald, Sophie Banerji, Izzi Jones, Thomas Cain, Honor Douglas, Letitia Eichinger, Stephanie Ormond, Laura Mireanu, Lara Moamar, Evie Campbell &

Writers – Thomas Cain, Honor Douglas, Laetitia Eichinger, Clara Vazquez, Cameron McAllister, Stephanie Ormond, Laura Mireanu, Lara Moamar, Evie Campbell & 

Researchers – Honor Douglas, Cameron McAllister, Stephanie Ormond, Clara Vasquez, Laura Mireanu, Evie Campbell & 

A list of former Editors of Palatinate can be found here.

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