The Team

If you are interested in writing for Palatinate, or just finding out more about what we do, then please don’t hesitate to email the relevant editor(s). Palatinate has over twenty different sections, ranging from Sport to Music, so there really is something for everyone.

For the latest vacancies, keep an eye on our social media platforms and the vacancies section of this website.

Editors-in-Chief – Joe Harston & Elliot Burrin

Deputy Editors – Maddie Parker & Becks Fleet


News Editors – Nicole Ireland & Elizabeth McBride
Investigations Editors – Joseph Manley, Laetitia Eichinger, Luke Alsford & Ben Webb
News Reporters Sophia Lieuw Kie Song, Samantha Webb, Kieran Molloy, Lily Patel, Remigius Kim, Verity Newbery, Will Dixon, Eleanor Tait

Comment Editors – Duru Akin & Emily Lipscombe
Deputy Comment Editors –  Vadim Goss & Callum Tilley

Profile Editors –  William Rome & William Milne

Science & Technology Editors Cameron McAllister, Pippa Thorne & Madeleine Perry

Politics Editor – Madeleine Ballay & Alex Everest House
Deputy Politics Editors  Guy Seagers & William Holmes

Sport Editors – Joseph Saunders & Sophie Little
Deputy Sport Editor – Alfie Seymour & Luca Hughes Joshi

Puzzles Editors Lucy Hagger & Florence Sandbloom 

Satire Editors Rory Cronin, Kitty Shepherd-Cross & Emily Gray 


Indigo Editors – Camille Hine & Ayasha Nordiawan
Deputy Indigo Editor – Cameron Beech

Features Editors – Lily Gershon & Emily Parsons

Books Editors – Louisa Wagstaff & Abigail Tobias

Music Editors – Hannah Foster & Julia Miller

Stage Editors –  Amelie Lambie-Proctor

Stage Reviewers – Rae Rostron

Film & Television Editors – Jacob Dax Harris

Creative Writing Editors – Muna Mir & Myra Kapur Dutta

Visual Arts Editor – James MacFarlane

Travel Editors – Lydia Doye & Lily Lake

Style Editors – Martha Powell and Freya Rogers

Food & Drink Editors – Eleanor Strain & Elliot Gosnold

Interview Editors – Lotte Micklethwaite & Charlotte Rodney


Photography Editors – Thomas Tomlinson & Nathan Beckett

Illustrations Editors – Hayleigh Mclean, Neena Taj, Sophie Hart and Zahra Haroon


Social Media Editors – Jessie Hoyle, Liv McCoy & George Baker

Business and Events Officer – Arjun Seth

Treasurer – Freddie Corrin

Advertising and Sponsorship Officer – Rachal Limbu & Michael Maclennan


Station Manager – Dylan Rana

Deputy Station Managers – Amy Haddow & Nancy Meakin

Head of Welfare – Elle Fitzgerald-Tesh

Head of Training – Anna Choi

Head of Marketing and Publicity – Vivienne Shaw
Marketing CoordinatorsFreya Harrington, Lizzie Kennedy, Chelsea Ting, Emilia Dunne, Zoe Niu, Vionnet Lee, William Thurtle, Anna McCormack, Katherine Chapman, Heather Magowan

Head Producer – Sophie Aikman

Head Creative ProducerPhoebe Callaghan
Deputy Creative Producer Oliver Irons

News/Factual Producer – Lucy Baldwin
Deputy News/Factual Producer – Teilo Rees

Producers – Emily Doughty, Delphie Jeer, Dherran Titherington, Jacob Cousens, Joseph Manley, Izzi Jones, Steph Ormond, Almudena Espinosa Carrion, Jesse Meeson, Phoebe Callaghan, Etta Tabb, Sydney Davies
Production AssistantsKita Wren, Louisa Wagstaff, Theodora Etchri, Michael Gaughan, Esther Duckworth, Sydney Davies, Natalie Au, Morgan Wicks, Devi Veselichka

Presenters – Keziah Smith, Steph Ormond, Lara Moamar, Laura Mireanu, Izzi Jones, Elle Fitzgerald-Tesh, Sophie Anslow, Matt Brown, Gabriella Gordon, Katie Smith, Sydney Davies, Benoit Chavatte, Emilia Dunne, Sophie Alibert, Mary Atkinson, Dhevina Maaran, Olly Bell, Charleigh Adams, Abbie Ingham, William Redley, William Rome, Rachel Wilkinson, Charlotte Anthony, Oliver Jervis, Sanjay Suri

Writers/Researchers Clara Vazquez, Charleigh Adams, Eve Kirman, June Seo-Chung, Gabriella Gordon

Head of Cinematography – Samuel Yiu

Head Camera Operator – Augustin Gorbatenco
Camera Operators – Theo Taylor, Marley Perran, Ana Buzatu, Anna Choi, Charis Stacey, Davi Veselichka, Edie wood, Eric Yip, Henry Day, Leila Hopkins, Lily Lake, Mariya Palasheva, Munin Youngvanich, Vanessa Jeffels, Shadow Lau, Samuel Stewardson

Head of Broadcasting – Chris Ray

Head Broadcast Producer – Jesse Meeson

Broadcast Technicians – Kai Heale, Oliver Irons, Marley Perran

Broadcast Producers – Etta Tabb, Helena Ariai, Louisa Wagstaff, Matt Brown, Mitul Matthews, Tilda Clarke

Broadcast Video Editor – Peter Thorne


Head of Foreign Correspondency – Rahim Hussain

Deputy Head of Foreign CorrespondencyMatty Grassow

Foreign Correspondents – Matty Grassow, Alisa Kazinets, Anna Morgan, Bea Twentyman, Charlotte Anthony, Sophie Little, Elodie Davies, Emily Grey, Harriet Castle, Johnny Cartin, Julie Fliri, Lottie Gibson, Elllie Parker, Johnny Cartin, Keely Brown, Lizzie McBride, Ruby Crook-English, Zoe Niu, Sophie Anslow, Laetitia Eichinger

A list of former Editors of Palatinate can be found here.

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One thought on “The Team

  • The University’s Chief Financial Officer, Stephen Willis has today resigned from the Board of Directors at Yorkshire County Cricket Club.
    He was apparently part of the panel that oversaw the flawed racism enquiry at the club, that has now national and international news.


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