The Team

The Palatinate Team

If you are interested in writing for Palatinate, or just finding out more about what we do, then please don’t hesitate to email the editor of the section you are interested in (full list below). Palatinate has over fifteen different sections, ranging from Sport to Fashion, so there really is something for everyone.

For general enquiries, please email


Editors-in-Chief – Cameron McIntosh & Julia Atherley

Deputy Editors – Millie Fender & Oscar Elmon



News Editors – Clara Gaspar & Anna Tatham

Deputy News Editors – Madeleine Horton, Melissa Tutesigensi, Naomi Clarke & Lydia Blundell

Comment Editor – Madeleine Cater

Deputy Comment Editor – Holly Adams & Jacob Whitehead

Profile Editor –Ella Catherall

Deputy Profile Editor – Jamima Westermann

Science & Technology Editors  Ewan Jones & Charlie Hetherington

Politics Editors – Alice Lassmann & Sarina Rivlin-Sanders

Deputy Politics Editors – Jack Taylor & Matthew Spivey

Sport Editor – James Smith

Deputy Sport Editors – Finlay Smart & Ed Lord



Indigo Editor – Adele Cooke

Deputy Indigo Editor – Alex Leggatt

Features Editor – Kleopatra Olympiou

Food & Drink Editor – Rebecca Russell & Piers Eaton

Travel Editor – Patrick Noren

Fashion Editor – Anna Gibbs

Deputy Fashion Editor – Ana Hamilton

Film & Television Editor – Hugh Johnson

Deputy Film & Television Editor – Alexander Priston

Stage Editor –Kishore Thiagarajan

Deputy Stage Editor – Martha Wrench

Music Editor – Tom Watling & Francesca Howard

Creative Writing Editor – Rhiannon Morris

Deputy Creative Writing Editor – Susie Bradley

Books Editors – Freya Neason & Shauna Lewis

Visual Arts Editor – Stella Botes

Deputy Visual Arts Editor – Jo Chandler



Chief Sub-Editor – Daisy Robinson

Sub-Editors –

Heather Craddock, Ines Pandzic, Isabella Beaumont, Constance Castle and Freya Ellingsen


Photography Editor – Madeleine Flisher

Deputy Photography Editors – Claire Cortese and Yangjia Li

Illustrations Editor – Vacant

Deputy Illustrations Editors – Charlotte Way, Akansha Naraindas and Holly Murphy



Website Administrator – Mohammad Chaudhry

Advertising Officer – Harriet Willis

A list of former Editors-in-Chief of Palatinate can be found here.

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