Break your exercise-based new year resolutions here at ‘The Single-Use Gym’!

We here at your local Single-Use Gym can’t wait not to get to know you when you bail on your ‘new year, new me’ philosophy after you get scared seeing some bigger blokes there at your induction. Then, a few weeks later, you’ll pass the guy who did your induction on the high street, and you’ll try to avoid eye contact – but you can’t resist looking, and you think you see him give you a mocking glance…sign up now!

That’s right, we know most of you only sign up to the gym in new year because you feel bad about guzzling half a turkey over the festive period. As such, we know to tailor our gym experience to YOUR needs! For instance, we have an outdoor area previously for smoking, where you can go to sneak a cheeky Twix or slice of Victoria Sponge mid-workout.

We are located at…it doesn’t matter actually, you won’t need to remember it.

Image: Ben Lycett

Image: Adeline Zhao

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