St Chad’s College appeals for £60,000 in donations to create ‘social bubbles’


As part of its bid to create student residence “social bubbles”, St Chad’s College is asking alumni and friends to donate £60,000 in a Covid-19 Emergency Appeal.

In a notice from St Chad’s Principal, Dr Margaret Masson, the appeal highlighted the “physical and structural changes” needed to make all areas of the college “Covid compliant”, including the bar, dining room, and Cassidy Quad.

Dr Masson noted that “we have been extremely prudent with our finances over recent years”, but that “this is not a challenge St Chad’s would have normally faced, nor one for which there is a budget”.

The college aims to complete the changes by mid-September, to “begin to receive quarantining students ahead of the start of Michaelmas Term in October”.

“Your support for St Chad’s is now needed more than ever”

St Chad’s Principal, Dr Margaret Masson

Highlighting that St Chad’s “lost half of this year’s income”, the college claims the money is urgently needed to “balance maximum safety with maximum opportunity”.

St Chad’s, as one of the two ‘recognised’ colleges at Durham University alongside St John’s, manages its own finances and receives an income of £360,000 from the University, which is fixed until 2021-22.

Its core income derives from student accommodation, which took a significant hit this year as the college, like the rest of the University, did not charge students who did not live in the college for Easter Term 2020.

The appeal’s message stresses that “your support for St Chad’s is now needed more than ever”, and calls upon “the strong and continuing sense of community across the generations” to help “create a sustainable future for this college we love and value”.


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