Durham University is most favoured Russell Group university among London’s private school pupils, data reveals

By and Waseem Mohamed

A recent report by The Evening Standard has revealed that students attending independent schools in London proportionately show far more interest in applying to Durham University than those attending London’s state schools.

The finding is based on the collective shortlists made by students in both the capital’s state and independent schools who are applying to university. The data shows that Durham University was ranked 1st among all Russell Group universities by private school students, followed by University College London and Manchester. Oxford ranked 4th among London’s private school pupils.

This was in stark contrast to the preferences of state school students in the city, who collectively ranked Durham 9th out of all Russell Group universities. State school pupils showed more interest in applying for many London based universities with King’s College London ranking as the top preference, while Durham was ranked below both Oxford and Cambridge by state school pupils.

This report was based on data retrieved from Unifrog, the popular university destinations platform, which supports students focusing on their applications by providing tools to help student create a shortlist. It is the basis on which many students carry out their research into higher education and it is used by over 2,800 schools in the UK. Unifrog collected data for this study between January and September last year.

The Evening Standard’s report comes after it was revealed last February that Durham has one of the lowest proportions of state-educated pupils in the country (61.6% of the 2020/21 cohort). It has also been shown that London produces the highest number of Durham students of any UK county.

Image: Mark Norton

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