Word Puzzles 845


Arrow Word

An arrow word works the same as a normal crossword, except that the clues are written in the boxes. Each answer appears in a straight line next to each clue, in the direction indicated by the nearby arrow.

Sentence Sleuth

Find the five flowers in this empassioned speech about shoe fastenings

Propaganda is yesterday’s problem. There is a new evil that will scar nations for years to come: the clandestine but devastating rise of Velcro. Sense once heightened by the stimulating lace tying process are now dulled by the barbarism of the new mindless fastening method. The hook and loop devil, Velcro, cushions the population from the true difficulties of life, thereby creating a populace unable to critically challenge the channels of power. Subconsciously, once free voters now drop their guard and allow themselves to be taken advantage of by Big Shoe. But one day, I hope we can Heely™ this nation.

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