Word Puzzles 841

By Katie Smith and Hugo Bush

Sentence Sleuth

Find the five famous fictional detectives in the text

Hello, I am Suzie, a professional proof reader, ready to help you with your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Please avoid sending me unimportant, short texts. It’s not my job to correct your Facebook typo. I rotate between extremely critical and just regularly critical, if I’ve had a whiff of alcohol. Messy, uninteresting texts are not acceptable to me. Your writing sticks to protocol? Um, boring! My criticism might seem to lack charm or seem overly severe but it’s only because I’m so passionate about my work. Any in-person sessions must be after school and not on Wednesday because I have Brownies.

Word Chain

Each answer ends with the first letter of the next one. The first letter of answer one is the last letter of answer five.

  1. Hild Bede alumna and BBC sports presenter
  2. Street in Durham on which you would find Babylon and the Pawsome Cat Café
  3. The county in which you would find the city of Durham
  4. Durham civic position currently held by Councillor Arnie Simpson
  5. Sport commonly seen practised on Durham’s river

Unscramble the words

Unscramble the words in numbers 1-5. Use the circled letters from the words in the numbers 1-5 to complete the final word or phrase in number 6. Each circled letter is used just once. All words are Durham-themed.

Unscramble the words

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