Word Puzzles 842


Arrow Word

An Arrow Word works the same as a normal crossword, except that the clues are written in the boxes. Each answer appears in a straight line next to each clue, in the direction indicated by the nearby arrow.

Sentence Sleuth

Find 5 names of sports hidden between the words of this story about someone getting more than a filling at the dentist’s

Really craving some mouthwash, Frank decided to break into the dentist’s surgery. Though he was not overly privy to the tooth-related arts, he eventually managed to guess “1430” as the door code. He was in. Now to find the mouthwash, that wondrous liquid drug. By the time he found the stuff, he was so thirsty that he drank a whole bottle in one go. That’s when things went bad. Mint on the brain, Frank went into a frenzy. He was a bull in a china shop, a hippo loose in a greenhouse. When a dentist found him the next morning, ol’ Frank was passed out in a nest of dental floss and spiderman stickers. He wouldn’t remember the events of last night until that afternoon over a glass of orange juice. That certainly left a bad taste in his mouth.


Decipher this prehistoric animal – use all the letters

lowly moth ammo

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