Word Puzzles 849

By Hugo Bush

Arrow Word

An arrow word works the same as a normal crossword, except that the clues are written in the boxes. Each answer appears in a straight line next to each clue, in the direction indicated by the nearby arrow.

Arrow Word

Synonym Twist

Quick Quiz

14 US States don’t contain the letter ‘A’. Can you name them all?

Sentence Sleuth

Find the 5 fruits in these musings of isolation boredom

Isolating creates a whole new level of boredom. What is there left to do once you already have all your books, pans, and Sellotape arranged in size and colour order? Too often have I spent my whole Monday afternoon having a nap. Please get me out of this endless wreck. I wish to leave this monotonous hovel: I’m even considering redoing old jigsaws. The horror of it all. Oh hang on, maybe it’s not too bad. That pottery programme is about to start.

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