Valentine Word Puzzles 848

By Hugo Bush

Check out these Valentine’s themed word puzzles!

Arrow Word

An arrow word works the same as a normal crossword, except that the clues are written in the boxes. Each answer appears in a straight line next to each clue, in the direction indicated by the nearby arrow.

The highlighted cells are something you might receive on Valentines Day.


Rose are red
Violets are blue
In Despicable Me
Steve Carell voices _

Roses are red
Tulips are pink
Romesh’s game show
Is _ __

Roses are red
Daisies are white
John Boynton Priestley
Was a noted __

Roses are red
Sunflowers are yellow
In ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
They repeat the word __

Sentence Slueth

Find the 5 playing card suits or values in this story about a secret admirer

I think in general it’s wise to not anger your postman. I don’t know if I made an insulting gesture that my windows weren’t opaque enough to hide, but he seemed to absolutely hate me. I regularly heard loud crashes as my parcels were hurled against the wall, items like my new £20 foot spa destroyed in the process. Furthermore, all these crashes occurred while I was in Zoom meetings. How did he know the time of every call I did? “I am on DS Postie’s permanent watchlist”, I thought. In reality, it transpired, he timed his deliveries to listen to my voice during the meetings, and the crashes were just from distracted clumsiness (not a braniac, evidently). He told me all this some months later, on one knee, with a ring in his hand as he asked for my hand in marriage. It was the most romantic thing that had ever happened to me. “Bit creepy though, Dave” I said.


Can you solve these anagrams to find 5 famous Romantic poets?

a twitter brazening hobbler
rail slowworm width
thanks joe
cheerlessly hypes by
bond lorry

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