Valentine’s Matchmaker Puzzle

By Emerson Shams

Help pair our four couples up – with gifts of chocolate, flowers, a letter and a teddy bear send them off to Spags, Flat White, Barrio Comida or Tango

  1. Oli loves coffee. Especially a mocha.
  2. Jo is allergic to flowers.
  3. Sarah’s date is massive plant person.
  4. Oli is only attracted to men.
  5. Maria is excited for tacos.
  6. Lizzie’s handwriting is very bad.
  7. Yusuf met his date at a chocolate society event.
  8. Matthew’s favourite cuisine is Italian. Meanwhile, Noor hates it.
  9. One of Jo’s favourite hobbies is calligraphy.
  10. Matthew has a green touch.
  11. Lizzie speaks Spanish and wants to impress her date.

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