Word Puzzles 847


Arrow Word

An arrow word works the same as a normal crossword, except that the clues are written in the boxes. Each answer appears in a straight line next to each clue, in the direction indicated by the nearby arrow.

Sentence Sleuth

Find the 5 things from a pencil case in this story about some not-so-easy listening music

The experimental music group couldn’t believe their luck, They’d been asked to open Cilla Black memorial garden at the Merseyside Museum of Music. The band, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better”, as erratic as their style was, were chosen because the kalimba player happened to be Cilla’s great nephew. Their sound included a cacophonic mix of melodious harp, energetic power guitar, and a few bassoons for good measure. The rhythm sitarist was intent on a mashup of Stravinsky and Van Halen and no one thought to overrule. Rather disappointingly, the of the event’s postponement came over the telecom; passers-by were rather relieved. But they’d be back to finish the job, the bassooner the better.

Missing Letters

Here are the animals of the Chinese Zodiac with every other letter removed. Can you work out what they are?

_ a _ b _ t

_ o _ k _ y

_ n _ k _

_ o _

_ r _ g _ n

_ x

_ i _ e _

_ i _

_ o _ s _

_ o _ s _ e _

_ a _

_ o _ t

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