Penalties to be issued for unused study slots


Durham University will issue penalties for study space users who regularly do not use their booked slot.

This comes as it was revealed that 25% of bookings for study spaces at the University have been wasted since the beginning of January. 

The University released a statement today via the Durham University Library Facebook page encouraging study space users to cancel their booking if they are unable to use it to “allow others to make use of it”. 

The Bill Bryson Library and the Teaching and Learning Centre will remain open this term, despite the lockdown restrictions which have prohibited many students from returning to Durham. Study spaces in the Hotel Indigo, Elvet Riverside, and Elvet Hill House, as well as Leazes Road Library, will remain closed.

Students can book up to ten study space slots a week – five slots per week in the Bill Bryson and five slots per week in the TLC – although current University guidance states that study space can be used for “essential use only”.

72 additional study spaces were recently added to the ground floor of the Teaching and Learning Centre, which is open seven days a week between 9am-8pm.

The Bill Bryson Library is open Monday-Friday between 9am-8pm, and household bookings are no longer available.

Face coverings are required, except for those exempt, at all times when using study spaces.

Image: Durham University

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