Durham University permanently expels student for harassment


Durham University has permanently expelled one student for “serious non-academic misconduct” involving harassment of both staff and students. 

In a separate case, another student was sanctioned for multiple breaches of Covid-19 regulations. The student has received a fixed-term exclusion from the University and community service. Both cases were considered by the University’s Senate Discipline Committee.

In a statement published on their website, the University said: ”We believe everyone has the right to work and study in an environment that is respectful, and where people feel safe. 

“As part of our drive to ensure we create a respectful University culture, we expect staff and students to adhere to the University’s values on behaviour and our regulations on conduct. Where an individual’s behaviour falls below the standard we would expect, we take swift and decisive action”.  

“Our University community is based on respect and care for one another and for the local residents with whom we share our city.”

Durham University

Commenting on breaches of Covid-19 regulations, the University said: “Our University community is based on respect and care for one another and for the local residents with whom we share our city. 

“The vast majority of students have responded to Government restrictions, in place to help control the spread of Covid-19, as responsible citizens.

“Nevertheless, if a student breaks the Government or University regulations, we must take action. Working with Durham County Council Public Health Team and local partners, we have developed robust health and safety plans. 

“These plans are informed by UK government and expert guidance and enable us to provide a Covid-secure environment for our University community. We communicate regularly with our staff and students to remind them of the latest Covid-19 guidelines.” 

£11,648 of fines have been issued

Between October 2020 and March 2021, the University’s Community Response Team, who are responsible for encouraging students to observe Covid-19 regulations, completed 1,008 patrols, and visited 154 properties. 50 suspected breaches of Covid-19 policy have been passed to the Police University Liaison.

Data published by the University revealed that 1768 hours of community service has been served by students who have received an amber warning, and £11,648 of fines have been issued, as well as £6100 in suspended fines. 15 students have had their access to the Wider Student Experience restricted and 36 students have been excluded from the University for set periods of time. 

Two students have been permanently expelled from the University for serious misconduct related to breaches of Covid-19 regulations.

Last month, four Durham University students received fixed-term exclusions from the University after major breaches of the University’s non-academic misconduct policy in two separate incidents.

One of the excluded students also received a ban from University and College representative sport for the remainder of their time at University. A fifth student received community service, as well as a permanent ban from University and College representative sport. 

One student was expelled for a “serious breach” of the University’s Sexual Misconduct and Violence Policy in February, while another has received a fixed-term suspension for breaching the University’s non-academic misconduct policy.

In October last year, two students were expelled from Durham University for committing a “serious breach” of the University’s Sexual Misconduct and Violence Policy and for making racist remarks on social media respectively.

Additionally, one student had their offer withdrawn last summer after “utterly abhorrent” screenshots emerged of their comments in an offer holders’ group chat, which included concerns over being accused of rape and suggestions of using female students for sex, although two students implicated in the screenshots were allowed to keep their offers.


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