Leazes Road Library to become a drop-in study space


Leazes Road Library is being re-purposed as a drop-in study space for Durham University students.

The library serves as the library for Hild Bede and is situated in the main building of the School of Education. The plan has been made in agreement with the Education department.

Books held there have been moved to the Remote Store, with a weekly retrieval service running through the academic year. The most frequently used items have moved to the Bill Bryson Library.

Items that are to be held in the remote store can be requested online and collected at the Bill Bryson Library.

This comes after the announcement last week that the Bill Bryson Library will operate a ‘Stay and Study’ service in which students and staff will be able to book one of four hour-long slots to study in the library up to twice a week.

Students will be expected to wear a face mask and to socially distance.

There has been no notification of when the library will officially re-open.

Image: Durham University

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