Exam results and resits rescheduled


In an email to all students, Durham University today announced it has rescheduled the publication of exam results and the August Resit period as a result of the introduction of the Academic Safety Net policy.

All final year results will be published by Wednesday 30th June 2021 and results for all other students will be published by Friday 2nd July 2021.

Additionally, the resit exam period will now take place from Monday 16th August to Wednesday 1st September 2021 and results from this will be published by 17th September 2021. The reason for this is to allow an extra half week for additional sittings due to deferrals.

In an email sent to all students this afternoon, Professor Alan Houston, Vice-Provost (Education), explained the decision, saying that “due to the Academic Safety Net, we anticipate more deferrals to the August exam period than usual and some delays in the submission of assessments. We also want to ensure that the Board of Examiners have sufficient time to consider student outcomes”.

Despite the changes to exam results, the date for Conferral in Absentia, which has been put in place to ensure those graduating this summer can still receive their degree documents, will still be held on Friday 2nd July 2021.

This comes after the University took the decision to delay summer graduation ceremonies this year after receiving advice from Public Health England (PHE).

Image: International Office, Durham University

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