Durham University announces free flu jab for all staff and students


Durham University announced yesterday in an email to students that they are working with BUPA, a private healthcare company, to offer free flu vaccinations to all staff and students.

The announcement follows a government pledge to offer the “most comprehensive flu programme in UK history” this winter with around 30 million people set to be vaccinated during this year’s flu season.

The email also confirmed the introduction of a mobile testing unit in place at Howlands Park and Ride, commencing on the 28th September, with the option of extending it beyond the initial three-week period if necessary. 

The nearest testing centre to the University before this is Belmont Park and Ride.

Additionally, regular temperature checks will take place and each college household will be provided with a handheld infrared thermometer to enable this, and these will also be made available at reception desks in both Colleges and University reception desks.

It is suggested in the email that these be undertaken by students and family members during induction week.

An explanation of how the flu vaccination programme will be undertaken has yet to be announced.

Image: Roger via Flickr

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