Durham out of top 10 universities for graduate recruitment for second year in a row


Durham University has not been included in the top ten universities for graduate recruitment in 2021, ranking 12th in the High Fliers Graduate Market 2021 report.

Since High Fliers began documenting graduate recruitment, Durham has consistently ranked in the top ten universities, coming as high as 6th in 2015. 2020 marked the first year Durham was not in the top ten, ranking 11th.

Durham ranked 6th in 2015, 8th in 2016, 9th in 2017, 10th in 2018, 8th in 2019, then 11th in 2020.

This year’s ranking saw Birmingham University take 1st place, with Cambridge and Oxford moving down to the lower half of the top ten, taking 8th and 9th respectively.

Before 2020, the top ten saw very little change, with Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Warwick, Cambridge, Oxford, Durham and Bristol all staying in the top spots. Durham leaving in 2020 represented the first time one of these core universities left the top ten.

High Fliers’ annual report is a prominent source of graduate research, forming the basis of the Times Higher Education research and the yearly Top 100 Graduate Employers list. Their report shows that the outbreak of Covid-19 meant the country’s top employers recruited 3,700 fewer graduates in 2020 than had been expected at the beginning of the year.

Image: Durham University

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