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Hot chocolate, chocolate fudge cake and cats. It was pretty much a dream combination. The Pawsome Cat Café, one of North Road’s newest establishments, is a heavenly experience that will be sure to bring you joy in these distressing times.

As we entered, we were asked to take our shoes off, which I originally thought was odd, but I quickly realised that it made the experience that little bit more cosy and relaxing, as if I’d been invited to a friends house to meet their new kittens. The café’s interior also added to the cosy feel of the place. Everything was soft and pastel coloured. It did feel a bit like I had died and gone to heaven when I walked in.  

We sat down and ordered three hot chocolates, which were reasonably priced at £2.80 each, and the cake of the week (a chocolate fudge cake) to share between us, which was slightly less reasonably priced at £3.60. But I soon understood why. Very quickly, a slice of cake appeared that was bigger than my head. It was way too much for just three of us to manage. It reminded me of the cake that Bruce Bogtrotter stuffs his face with in that grotesque scene in Matilda, but it was delicious. 

It was as if they had anticipated that the cats were going to share the cake with us, and they did. The moment the cake and the hot chocolate was put down on our table, we were suddenly invaded by cats and maximum chaos ensued. Poncho, the café’s oldest cat, managed to sneak up on us and stick his face in the cream. As a cat lover, this didn’t really phase me at all. I was quite happy to give all my money and all my cake to the cats just so they would spend more time with me. But thankfully, the lovely staff did come to our (or rather, the cake’s) rescue, so we were able to enjoy it.  

Of course, we weren’t really there for the cake, that was just a side benefit. We had paid £4 each (as well as a £2 deposit) to spend an hour with cats, and honestly, it was worth every penny to spend quality time with Simon, a 12-week old British Shorthair and the most adorable cat I’ve ever seen, and Wally, a ginger longhaired cat with floppy ears, who both made themselves comfortable on my lap. 

The cats were very affectionate, and they didn’t want to play, they just wanted to be hugged and fed, to which I was happy to oblige. One of the staff members gave us some treats to feed to the cats even though they’d only recently been fed, which I think just goes to show how relaxed the staff, and the atmosphere of the place are. No one told me off for picking up the cats despite there being a sign on the door which said “please do not pick up the cats”, and no one told me off for laughing instead of panicking when the cats made a plunge for the chocolate cake. 

I had high hopes for the Pawsome Cat Café, and it certainly did not disappoint. It was very difficult to leave after only an hour, and I would have paid more to stay longer. It will be a great place to unwind and relax during exam season next year. I will definitely be back.


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