‘Endless life’: an exploration of spring and new life

Endless Life


From where I drift,
I see the simplicity
Of the world.
Watching; a voyeur,
A bird’s eye view over the bareness,
Brought on by bitter cold.
Carried in blowing arms,
Whistling through the branches
Of leafless trees.
Floating, through time,
Lifelessly watching the sun
Awaken earlier,
Enlightening the darkness.
In life I never saw this view,
Nor experienced the freeness,
Of being gently taken,
Across fields,
Over roads,
Along rivers:
It is out of my control.

I am followed:
We are the ashes of frosted trees –
A memory of sunlight,
And vibrant green.
I no longer feel the water
Pumping through my veins,
Nor the breath of air leaving
And entering my pores.
I am lifeless,
But I have life.

Dropped from the grasp
Of the softening wind,
I fall to the grass.
I wait.
I wait for the chance of new life.

As the sun shines brighter,
The wind grows warmer,
The grass flourishes,
Yellow buds birth flowers,
Taking their first breath of air,
Catching their first rays of sunlight.
I wait.
I am becoming the earth,
My fibres infiltrating the soil,
My nutrients fuelling
The new life, springing up around me.

I am part of the cycle of life;
I bring life in death.
I am a fragment of the jigsaw
Of interlinking food chains,
That create the beauty all around.
I follow through time
The changing patterns:
The Seasons.

I bring new life,
As I merge and become,
Part of the flourishing life
And beauty,
Of Spring.

The Current


Life is a current, moving fast and rapid.
Coursing through everything,
Changing constantly.

Like electricity, it can charge you.
The battery can be run down: quick or slow.
It’s up to you to decide how to use it,
Each way is valid and a life well lived.

Like a river full of fish.
Some fight back against the river;
Some go with the flow.
Both live full lives, full of adventure;
Both complete their destiny.

Life is in the moment
The current time is the life we are living,
It is new and old all at once.
The past happened, the future is unpredictable.
Live in the now, however you choose-
for if you don’t, it’ll pass…fast and rapid.

Image: Samuel Read

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