Durham students selected to show art at Royal Society of Portrait Painters


Durham students Gabriel Lewis and Aelfred Hillman have been selected to showcase their art at the prestigious RSPP in an exhibition lasting from the 6th – 15th of May. The exhibition will run at the Mall Galleries, London.

The exhibition in total will contain 122 different portrait works and offers the chance for entrants to win a £20,000 prize for the “most timeless portrait with a real feeling for paint and its aesthetic potential”.

It is highly unusual that a university like Durham, which offers no fine art courses, has had students selected. They enter the exhibition alongside other artists such as Rupert Alexander, who is the youngest artist to paint the royal family since the 18th century.

Aelfred Hillman’s ‘Brother in the window’

Aelfred’s painting is of his brother and titled ‘’Brother by a window’, whilst Gabriel’s is called ‘The Harvester’ and is a painting of a second year English Literature student also at Durham. Previews of the exhibition will be available online from the 22nd of March, and prize winners will be announced on the 6th of May.

Featured Image:

Image: Gabriel Lewis

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