Castle JCR chair resigns


The JCR Chair of University College resigned this week saying she felt she has been “consistently undermined”, “attacked by members of college” and “not being prepared to risk” personal relationships due to the strain of the role.

In a post within the ‘Castle Freshers 2019’ group on Facebook, Kitty Cattell addressed her post to “members of the JCR” and said she “owed” them an explanation as to why she has come to the decision to resign. 

Although she did not mention specific names, Catell went onto say she hopes “individuals” within the JCR would act more respectfully to people in elected positions within the College. 

The resignation is yet another issue faced by University College this year. Earlier this term, it was announced the College would ban the much-prized formal drinking games, and reduce the number of formal dinners conducted. 

This also followed controversy at the beginning of the year when the College’s MCR was found to have kept a substantial amount of their charity ball profits. In the process, it was also revealed the MCR’s wealth increased significantly over two years. 

Castle JCR is yet to officially on the resignation. 

Image: Durham University

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