Partner of missing Durham graduate continues search alone


The boyfriend of missing Durham graduate Esther Dingley is continuing the search for her alone.

Daniel Colegate has begun searching the area of the Pyrenees where Ms Dingley was last seen. He made the decision to continue due to French and Spanish authorities being forced to wait until heavy snow has cleared in the area. Her boyfriend previously said he fears Esther has been kidnapped.

The 37-year-old former Durham student was last heard from on November 22nd 2020 at Refuge de Venasque in France. Mr Colegate has explained that he is “paying particular attention to the woodlands immediately bordering her proposed route, possible alternative trails and also in the valley between her last known location and Benasque village”.

He has also been recording all of the areas he is searching with a GPS device to further aid authorities when they recommence searching.

The couple commenced a six year campervan tour of Europe in 2014, and continued right up until the day Esther went missing.

Much speculation has taken place over the potential whereabouts of Ms Dingley. Some reports claim she may have fallen from a glacier, making locating her body an incredibly difficult task for searchers. Recently, there have been fears that the lone hiker may have been forcefully taken against her will or killed in an accident. In particular, French police stated that Esther was an incredibly seasoned and able mountain climber, who would not willingly take risks that would put her in danger.

French and Spanish police hope to continue the search soon as weather conditions improve.

Image: Daily Mirror

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