University wins £4 million in environmental technology funding


Durham University’s Energy Institute (DEI) has won funding for three new major projects all focused on decarbonising heat. The projects are being funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). 

DEI was established in 2009 to undertake multi-disciplinary cutting-edge research into energy technology and society.

The projects will develop new technology and processes to decarbonise heating and cooling across residential, business and industry sectors, to significantly reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions.

Heat production remains one of the worst sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.K., with over 60% of gas used here to produce heat. Therefore, finding a method of decarbonising heat production is crucial in allowing the government to reach their goals of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. 

DEI will aim to develop innovative new methods of decarbonisation, such as processes which reduce heat waste and new options for storage. Durham University will lead the £1.16 million international research and innovation network on behalf of UKRI which will bringing together researchers, technology developers, managers and policy makers to facilitate learning, share progress and new knowledge, and to fund new research projects for decarbonising heating and cooling.

The three projects each receive a certain amount of funding; A network for heating and cooling (£1.16 million), a seasonal solar energy and heat pump system (£1.04 million) and decarbonising low temperature industrial processes (£ 2 million). 

The projects are a joint effort by leading Russell Group universities including Loughborough, Warwick and Birmingham. 


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