Jimmy’s re-opens

By Will Hutchings &

Jimmy Allen’s has now reopened after an abrupt temporary closure. A message posted on the nightclub’s Facebook page and from their resident DJ on the 16th of January said Jimmy’s would remain shut “until further notice” without any explanation. 

In a Facebook post from January 16th, it was announced that “Jimmy Allens has not re opened after the xmas break and will remain closed for now, unfortunately we cannot give any more information.” 

DJ Dave, the cult figure on nights out to Jimmy’s, said he would still be completing his usual three-day a week set at Klute whilst the club was shut. He did not say whether he would continue this after taking over ownership of the club. 

Whilst closed, he specified he would still be available for private events including weddings and birthdays. 

On the 30th of January, another message was posted by DJ Dave explaining he had now taken over the lease of Jimmy’s with his wife and it would re-open for certain. 

One student said: “When it reopened I was relieved as you really take for granted the free night out in Durham.” 

“Also I can’t wait to see the new toilets, that’s the most exciting aspect of its relaunch to me.” 

It is still unclear why the club was forced to close in the first place, but it appears to be safe for now.

Image: mrgarethm via Flickr

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