Women’s Lacrosse top table after convincing comeback


Durham University’s Women’s Lacrosse fought an impressive comeback against Birmingham to maintain their unbeaten status in the premiership.

This  was the key match of the season as Birmingham were previously joint leaders of the table with Durham.

Birmingham had a strong start, somewhat taking Durham by surprise with the Palatinates a worrying 3-1 down within the first 24 minutes.

Fortunately on the side-lines, Durham’s tacticians called an early time out.

In this break, first team captain Tash Bolt explained to Palatinate how their Coach Rebecca Greenslade told the squad to “calm down, put your heads in the game and get momentum”.

This was clearly an effective decision as in the next three minutes Durham scored three goals. Lou Lou Rolands squeezed the last of these goals in the remaining 30 seconds of the first half making the score 4-4.

Fresher Katie Evans was very pleased with the way that Durham stepped up their game after the time out ‘We had a shaky start but by the end of the first half we really brought it together’.

Starting the second half, the girls were back in the game with an even score line, they were on a level playing field with Birmingham.

Now with a momentum behind them, Durham managed to keep a lead for the rest of the match.

“We really took our confidence from our comeback in the first half into the second half,” Evans said.

With such determination flying around the pitch from both sides, the referees had to intervene on several occasions with yellow cards in order to keep the play fair.

‘The two teams were very much cat and mouse for the majority of the second half,” Bolt explained.

But ultimately Durham pulled through, largely thanks to a tactical change in the last ten minutes to keep the ball in defence and then make some attacking moves out.

This pushed the final score line to 9-7.

First team player Biddy Briggs put Durham’s win down to “the great determination of all girls to pull together and fight back from being down”.

With this game under their belts, the first team are still unbeaten and remain top of the league.

But captain Tash Bolt remains cautious about any early celebrations saying: “The real test is yet to come when we play Birmingham at home in February”.

The men’s first team also did well, beating Manchester away 11-2.

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