Two students rescued from the River Wear



Durham Police has revealed that two students had to be rescued from the river by door staff from The Boathouse on Friday night.

The students, who are believed to be from Queen’s Campus, fell in the river close to where Sope Peters disappeared in October 2013.

The two male students were then rushed to a nearby bar where they received medical attention.

A Durham Police spokeswoman said the students, who apparently fell into the water over a low wall, had been issued with Fixed Penalty Notices for “causing harm to members of the public.”

A statement from Durham Constabulary said:

“Police attended the Boathouse public house in Durham City in the early hours of Saturday morning after reports that two men had fallen in the river.

“The men both aged 19 and students from Durham University, had fallen into the river just after midnight after toppling over a small wall whilst joking around.  The men were able to pull themselves out of the river and were then helped up the muddy river bank by door staff from the Boathouse.

“Both men were checked over by paramedics and neither were injured.

“The men both received fixed penalty notices for causing alarm to members of the public.”

The University has released a statement, saying: “We take such matters very seriously and we are working closely with our partners through the City Safety Group on a number of safety initiatives.

“In addition, we continue to remind students about their personal responsibilities and we have been emphasising three key messages:

·         If drinking, do so responsibly

·         Take safe routes home avoiding the river

·         Look after your friends and stick together walking home.”

Photograph: Stephen McKay

2 thoughts on “Two students rescued from the River Wear

  • They are a disgrace to the city. What the hell is wrong with these people?

    Why have the University failed to expel these morons for bringing the University into disrepute?

  • Palatinate, what’s wrong with you? Where’s the outrage about the DANGER of the KILLER RIVER? The lack of lights, railing and CCTV? You’re letting your lack of journalistic integrity down here.


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