Durham student standing for UKIP in general election

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John Leathley, a Durham student studying primary education at Queen’s Campus, is set to stand as a UKIP candidate in the upcoming general election.

Leathley, who will contest the Labour held Sedgefield seat in County Durham, would oppose wind farms, secure investments for transport projects and improve the accessibility of NHS services if elected in May.

Speaking to Palatinate, Leathley said: “Breaking the area will be hard. Since 1931 it has been a Labour area but cracks are showing and UKIP are the only party that can beat Labour in the North in the majority of cases. I have had significant support from locals so far so I wouldn’t count me out yet. The people of Sedgefield Constituency have a choice in May – you either vote UKIP or you will get Labour.

The Sedgefield seat was held by former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, between 1983-2007, and is currently held by Phil Wilson, who has been an Assistant Whip for Labour since 2010.

Leathley added: “Currently my team working on the campaign are all young people. They are of the same opinion as me that if we want something from our lives we have to go and take it because no one will give you anything for free.

“A top school in Sedgefield wants to add a sixth form and I back this idea. Then the youth will not have to travel to Darlington each day at the expense of £600 per year each.

He added: “The youth are finding out that I am one of them and I am fighting for every single young person’s future with a hope of giving them a better world to live in.”

Photograph: John Leathley

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