Power cut causes chaos in Klute

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Durham’s infamous night club suffered a power cut late yesterday evening, forcing the club to close early.

Between 11:30pm and midnight the club’s lights, music and tills all cut out, leaving students in complete darkness and confusion.

Shortly after the power cut, a group of male students conducted a sing-along with remaining clubbers.

In the early hours of this morning Klute posted a message on its Facebook page saying that free entry passes were given to students on their way out to compensate.

was at the club when the power cut took place and told Palatinate:

“It basically all just cut out, the lights outside went off, all the tills stopped working and no one quite knew what was happening.

“It happened quite early on which irritated many, and people were, in general, quite cross and untrusting about whether the free entry tickets would actually work.

“A lot of people also felt that they’d got drunk but then had nowhere else to go as Fabio’s was packed.”

Another student, Ed, commented:

“The bars continued to serve and the bouncers were chilled about it until about midnight then loads of people started to leave and they made us go.

“There was a huge queue for coats but they had to clear the building before they could give coats back. Some people wanted their money back but I got in for free so I wasn’t that bothered.”

Klute will open as usual tonight from 10:30pm until 2am for its Shake Mondays event.

Photograph: Arthur Dimsdale

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