Police drop inquiry into Durham School chaplain


Allegations of a “historic” sexual assault against Durham School’s chaplain, the Reverend Philip Bentham, have been dropped by Merseyside Police.

Durham School Chapel
Durham School Chapel

Despite this, Palatinate can confirm that Bentham remains suspended from Durham school.

In a letter to parents the school said:

“You may have heard that Merseyside Police have decided that no further action is necessary with regard to the historical allegation against the Rev Bentham.

“At the moment, he remains suspended from Durham School on advice from the local authority.

“The school takes its commitment to child protection very seriously and is acting in accordance with recognised procedures in this matter.

“When we are in a position to do so, we will be in further communication.”

Police arrested the Reverend Philip Bentham on 23rd May over a “historic” sexual offence that was alleged to have taken place in the Merseyside Police area. Bentham was then released on police bail pending further investigation.

On Friday 15th August Merseyside Police then announced that the inquiry had been dropped, with Bentham facing no further action.

Durham School has now suffered two major setbacks in a year that sees it celebrate its 600th anniversary as the former Deputy Head, Mark Bushnell, was found dead in March on Blackhall Rocks beach in County Durham after being reported missing for two weeks.

Image: Durham School

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