Durham Energy Institute shakes up executive team


The Durham Energy Institute (DEI) has announced the appointment of nine new members of staff in a complete shake-up of its executive team.

Professor Simon Hogg, from the School of Engineering and Computer Science, has been selected as the Institute’s chief executive with roles such as co-director and non-executive chair also being filled with new members of staff.

Funded by Durham University, the DEI coordinates research projects into controversial issues faced by the energy industry including fracking, green energy and North Sea oilfields.

Staff have been sourced from departments across the University, including the Department of Anthropology, the School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences and the Department of Earth Sciences.

Speaking on the executive team shake-up, Professor Hogg said:

“With the new executive team in place we are now in an even stronger place to achieve our ambitions.

“I strongly believe that a key strength of DEI lies in its ‘science and society’ approach and I look forward to engaging with the wide range of energy experts we have across the University.”

Professor Hogg arrived in Durham just over three years ago, in which time he has managed to attract almost £8 million funding to the School of Engineering and Computer Science from research councils and industry.

With regard to his appointment to the DEI as executive director, Professor Hogg said:

“I am very pleased to take on this exciting new role and look forward to helping grow the DEI’s reputation as an internationally leading institution which promotes and delivers truly interdisciplinary energy research.”

“I will ensure that our energy research and expertise has the external profile it deserves so that we can effectively inform and influence energy policy.”

The DEI’s research has recently featured on Channel 4 News, the National Geographic Magazine and the Financial Times.

The institute plans to host a lecture this Wednesday on shale gas and oil industrialisation at the Palatine Centre.

Image Courtesy of Durham University.

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