UKIP founder addresses Durham Union Society

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Professor Alan Sked last night branded Nigel Farage a “racist” in his speech to Durham Union Society.

The outspoken academic, who no longer supports the party he once created, claimed that today’s UKIP “is the most corrupt party in the UK” and “has gone off the rails”.

In a speech that lasted over 45 minutes, Sked was keen to voice his Eurosceptic views but maintained a scathing attitude towards UKIP, saying:

“Today the EU is in steep economic decline, showing very little sign of growth. The EU is not an economic proposition for Britain, it’s a wannabe superpower. Who really cares about the European Union?

“UKIP doesn’t have any policies. It has become a protest party that is obsessed with immigration and race.”

The 67-year old professor opened and closed his speech with an appeal for donations to his new party, New Deal, a leftwing Eurosceptic party which he formed in September 2013.

Students were generally positive about the Union Society’s decision to invite Professor Alan Sked to speak, as Hani Abdellatif, a second year at Trevelyan College, commented:

“This was one of the better addresses at the Union. I think the Union was right to ask him to speak, his speech was extremely topical, especially considering the rise of UKIP.”

Oliver Graham, a third year at St. Aidan’s College was also positive about the address, saying:

“Controversial speakers always attract an audience and debate and I guess that’s what a union society is all about.”

Sked’s address followed Godfrey Bloom’s appearance at the Union Society last term which prompted protests from Durham University Students Against Austerity.

Photograph: Oliver Grimmett

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  • One of at least three contributors to The Lanchester Review who are speaking at The Durham Union Society this term. What a splendid chap Joe Hill is.


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