Tickets available for rugby charity special


Tickets are available for the annual Hill vs. Bailey Charity Rugby game at Durham City rugby club on Wednesday, 2 May.

The event, which pits the finest rugby players from the Hill colleges against their adversaries on the Bailey, will feature both a women’s game and a men’s game.

The women’s fixture kicks off at 18:00, followed by the men’s at 19:45.

Tickets cost £2 in advance and £3 on the door.

All money raised will go towards specially selected and invaluable rugby charities, such as Walk Once More and the Rugby Players Association, as well as the Air Ambulance.

The selected charities have in the past helped with the recovery and support of past and present Durham students who have been injured while playing rugby.

Representatives will be selling tickets around Durham ahead of the event at the discounted price of £2, while college captains and JCRs can also be contacted.

A Facebook page has been set up for the spectacle, with the description encouraging people to enjoy some “feisty and flowing rugby” in support of “a good cause”.

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