The sweet one, like candy


I miss that someone to touch,
To crush their lips like candy,
I miss the vibrant shirt, scented with brandy.
The whole of someone who is now apart,
That heartbeat under my chest, that feeling of art.
Someone to stroke my thoughts,
That one who undressed my lips from the cherry-flavoured gloss.
I miss the listening, the gossip,
The didactic gaze, just the four eyes crossing.
His effervescent voice, one that destroys,
Whilst delicately whispering, ‘I’m all yours’.
The melodic devotion to songs by Frank Ocean,
The discussions of soulmates, topics setting in motion,
Listening to “She”, whilst looking directly at me.
The knowledge of his ethereal top,
One that could untie my mind when it became its own rope.
Shoulders that carried my trust,
Free of any lust.
The enchanting man, adorned in reliance,
One that got me blind-folded signing my own compliance,
The one who locked my storms within his silence,
One who drove me through known with a learner’s license,
The one who for once made me feel priceless,
Same one that caused this mind’s mess.

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