The melody that carries


In a world filled with chaos, a tournament-like temper,
Your melody is my strongest surrender,
Running those miles, with my thoughts conducting their own trials,
I listen to the lines unspoken,
Those that compare a life to an elevator, with its doors wide open.
The minute that beat drops, decisions are signed and doors are locked,
First floor? Is this really how far you are going to go?

In a world overspilling with expectations,
I find your voice carrying the peace of this generation,
I’ve never known words that could re-wire the brain so much,
The lesson they teach, exceeds education’s farthest reach.
Every time the world examines me,
Sits me through another test when passing is the only guarantee,
I click replay, to feel each one of my breaths lie under your arrest,
Almost like your words are my lungs’ dearest guest.
I am ready to experience you again; no protest.
Every time, you remind me that all can be good again,
You leave no dismay.

In days of solitude carrying time,
I dose you, like a healthy glass of wine.
Re-written is how I appear,
Even when life is not shifting between those gears.
Because momentum can be stagnant, and you remind me,
That this stillness is just life’s machinery fragment.
Again, I follow your lyrics with all my feelings,
Serenading each one with a voice so loud,
It reaches clouds, preaches cries.
No silence ever feels too loud.

Illustration Credit: Roland Delaporte via Wikimedia Commons

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