A love note to my little red dress


Burgundy, that perfect shade of wine.

I already knew, you were going to be mine.

Your hue marks me as a sole entity in this milieu. 

It is so pure it makes the ocean in my eyes stand out even more. 

That evening on New Elvet, even though you were so delicate, the warmth was felt through your velvet. 

My bare shoulders that you effortlessly display, makes my skin look even more like porcelain, 

I truly feel like a royal dame. 

Still, I remain when the wind makes you sway. 

When I’m with you, my confidence is unstifled, it must stay. 

You are the eyes’ divine perception, a bad day’s resurrection, making me feel like I am in possession of perfection. 

Fashion’s substitute to a chef’s kiss, you certainly are a tough one to miss. 

Bold and sublime is how I stand with you, a moment lost in time. 

I learnt that there is so much fright that garments like you can both destroy and ignite, 

But no tears spill from my eyes in a dress that fits this right. 

Not a moment to be wasted on self-criticism when all the emotions you evoke come in the form of a lyricism. 

You are a pessimistic mind’s detour, an egoistic cure to someone this insecure. 

The compliments we receive, make my heart race. 

Whenever I feel your fabric stroke my bones, all those flattering remarks, find its way home. 

In a sense of mode, subjectively, one that is temporarily lost, your timelessness is not one to be crossed. 

Locked in time but precisely proud is how your owner feels collapsing 

under all those Instagram reels. 

Factually, your beauty lies within your simplicity, and although you may not have sparkles on display, yet are accused of shining too brightly; 

but a classic touch does not need a modern brush.  

Your visual illustration already provides an explanation for originality. 

I have been transformed through purchasing something this nurturing, 

yet it remains bizarre, 

how a fraction of a fabric can cause a mind to trick 

and make the owner feel beauty with just a singular blink. 

Find yourself a garment this Valentine’s, one that will lock your self-love in time. 

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