Take Back The Bailey: the new student-led movement


A new student campaign group called Take Back The Bailey (TBTB) has been set up with the purpose of spreading awareness about issues relating to women’s street safety.

The initiative, started by students from first years to masters, was fuelled by the recent tragedy of the death of Durham alumni Sarah Everard. It also follows numerous reports of sexual harassment and assault, not just on the Bailey but also in the viaduct and other areas around Durham.

“The support so far has been incredible.”

Speaking to Palatinate, TBTB said that, although it was only set up a couple of days ago, “the support so far has been incredible.”

TBTB aims to offer a safe space where people can feel comfortable raising their voices about the cycle of continuous violence that university students encounter on a daily basis. It wants to “promote educational measures” in order to prevent the unhealthy stigma which perpetuates gender-based violence.

“Only in empathising with victims and their stories can we try to understand just how detrimental the effects of street harassment can be, mentally, physically and socially.”

“We support everyone no matter your gender or race and hope that you can get involved.”

Through its action, the movement wants to reach as many people as possible and offer support to anyone in the community who needs it. “Help us continue the conversation and raise awareness that these issues disproportionately affect those who are marginalised. We support everyone no matter your gender or race and hope that you can get involved.”

The new group is currently undergoing plans to organise a fundraiser called #FightTheFear, in aid of the national women’s charity, End Violence Against Women. It will take place in the form of a virtual walk the distance of 852km from Clapham to Durham and back, starting on Weednesday 24th March, the three week anniversary of Sarah’s disappearance. To be a part of the walk you can join their Strava group and log your walks (details to come on their social media).

You can show support by following the movement on instagram @takebackthebailey and donating to End Violence Against Women.

Image: Take Back The Bailey

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