Solutions to Word Puzzles 839

By Harry Jenkins

Here are the solutions to our word puzzles from Palatinate 839 – we hope you enjoyed them! If you haven’t check out the puzzles yet take a look here first.

Word Slide

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Word Slide 1

PINED (top row), PIQUED (first colum), NOISE (third column), DOTTY (fifth and last column), QUIET (third row), EVERY (fifth and last row)

Word Slide 2

AROMA (top row), APPLE (first colum), OCTET (third column), ABHOR (fifth and last column), PATCH (third row), ENTER (fifth and last row)

Word Slide 1 – slide to reveal solution
Word Slide 2 – slide to reveal solution

Word Square

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Young Horse – FOAL
Stare at – OGLE
_ Mater – ALMA
Shakespearian King – LEAR
Word Square – slide to reveal solution

We hope you’ve enjoyed our puzzles – if you have any questions please let us know on social media – we’re on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We’d love to hear how you got on with them.

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