Valentine’s Word Puzzles

By Harry Jenkins

Check out some word puzzles written just for Valentine’s day.

Word Pyramid

Answer the crossword clue to the right of each row to complete the puzzle. Each answer is an anagram of the answer in the row above with an extra letter added.

Text version of puzzle The puzzle clues in order as they go down:
  1. Part of the head (3)
  2. Female horse (4)
  3. Hope or wish (5)
  4. To order back (6)
  5. A winding path (7)
  6. Missing a limb (8)
  7. In love with (9)

Word Ladder

Change the word on the top row of the ladder into the word at the bottom. On each level, you must put a valid four-letter word that is only changed by one letter from the word above. There may be multiple solutions.

Text version of puzzle

The first puzzle is from MEET to DATE

The second puzzle is from LOVE to PAIR


Valentine’s Quiz

  1. Which city, the birthplace of St Valentine, is known as the ‘City of Lovers’?
  2. Complete these famous Shakespearian couples: Romeo and , and Titania, Beatrice and __.
  3. What brain chemical is known as the ‘love hormone’?
  4. How many times is Elizabeth proposed to in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice?
  5. What are the upper and lower chambers of the heart called?
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