Solutions to 835

By Harry Jenkins and Thomas Simpson

Crossword No 1

Hopefully you found the Crossword set by sufficiently challenging – we’ve put the solutions below but if you haven’t had a chance to do them yet you can take a look here

Click here to see Quick Crossword Solution

1. Saint Bede, 6. Kappa, 9. Motto, 10. Higginson, 11. Ski, 12. Archaeology, 14. Naipaul, 15. Dodgson, 17. Vanilla, 19. Tonsure, 20. Green Palace, 22. Hue, 24. Bookshelf, 26. Troll, 27. Ether, 28. Rochester.

1. Samos, 2. Intuition, 3. Thomas Allen, 4. Ethical, 5. England, 6. Koi, 7. Pesto, 8. Annoyance, 13. Ogden Centre, 14. Navigable, 16. Southmost, 18. Amateur, 19. Traffic, 21. Enoch, 23. Euler, 25. Sir.

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1. Quagmires, 6. Nymph, 9. Antes, 10. Leitmotiv, 11. Ken, 12. Ineffectual, 14. Grasses, 15. Nomadic, 17. Octopus, 19. Baubles, 20. Nutritional, 22. Via, 24. Hoi Polloi, 26. Garbo, 27. Gorge, 28. Registrar.

1. Quack, 2. Attendant, 3. Mississippi, 4. Reliefs, 5. Stiffen, 6. Nam, 7. Matsu, 8. Havelocks, 13. Camouflages, 14. Groundhog, 16. Deliverer, 18. Stifler, 19. Bunting, 21. Trier, 23. Amour, 25. Ore.

Zebra Puzzle

We hope you enjoyed the Zebra puzzle, while we may not all be in Durham hopefully wondering around the puzzle version is just as enjoyable. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet you can take a look here

Who had the fish?

The John’s student had the fish

Did you notice that the colleges were arrange how they are in real life, along the Bailey?

Word Wheel

You can visit the page here if you haven’t had a chance to look at the Word Wheel yet or click below to see what the 9 letter word was if you couldn’t find it.

9 Letter Word

The 9 letter word was: CATHEDRAL

We hope you enjoyed our first set of puzzles – if you have any questions please let us know on social media – we’re on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We’d love to hear how you got on with them.

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