Zebra Puzzle

By Thomas Simpson

This is based on a puzzle sometimes attributed to Einstein, but has been adapted to a Durham theme. Hopefully you enjoy solving it!

There are five people who live in five colleges on the Bailey, each with a different sport, pet and drink.

  1. The English student goes to Chad’s.
  2. The Physicist keeps dogs.
  3. The Biologist drinks champagne.
  4. St John’s is just to the north of Cuth’s.
  5. The John’s student drinks wine.
  6. The rugby player keeps birds.
  7. The Castle student plays football.
  8. The student in the centre college drinks vodka.
  9. The Musician lives in northernmost college.
  10. The fencer has a neighbour who keeps cats.
  11. The kayaker drinks beer.
  12. The student who keeps horses lives next to the footballer.
  13. The historian swims.
  14. The Musician lives next to Hatfield.
  15. The fencer has a neighbour who drinks cider.

Who keeps the fish?

These are some of our puzzles from our very first edition so we hope you enjoy them. We will release the solutions in a week so follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to be kept updated.

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