Seun Twins elected for second term as SU President


Seun Twins, this year’s SU President, has been elected for a second term after the most contested presidential election in four years.

Twins ran on a platform that built on her work combatting both Covid-19 and Durham’s culture, which she pledged to address in the continuation of her flagship policy, the Culture Commission.

was elected as Welfare and Liberation Officer, Declan Merrington as Postgraduate Academic Officer, Jack Ballingham as Opportunities Officer and as Undergraduate Academic Officer.

Additionally, Ola Wojciechowska, Meg Wishart, Robert Smith, and were elected as SU Trustees, and Bianca Drujescu, Aditya Lathar, Akansha Agrawal, and Alexandra Nita were elected as NUS delegates.

Turnout for this year’s election was 14.16%, with 3207 students participating.

St Chad’s College had the highest turnout with just over 36%, and is set to win the SU’s prize of an address from Jackie Weaver.

Twins ran against Joe Simmons, Aditya Lathar, and James Burton for the position, with RON also an option. However, no student applied to run an official RON campaign, despite changes in the SU election rules allowing for this. Last year, 58% of students voted for the RON option, which was subsequently eliminated, citing campaign rules violations.

The SU is expected to release breakdowns of the results for all of this year’s elections shortly.

Image: Durham University

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