Students asked not to return to Durham before start of Easter term


The University has asked students not to return to campus before 26th April 2021, in an update regarding Covid-19 measures for Easter term. It also announced a mix of blended learning for the next term.

The provisional plans for Easter term are subject to review in the light of future government announcements, which are likely to take place in early April. There is no sufficient guidance from the government on student movements to campus as of yet.

Students are hence asked to remain at home until the start of Easter term or until further clarification from the government, unless it is absolutely essential for them to return to campus for educational reasons.

Durham does however plan teaching to include both online and face-to-face elements, such as for practicals and laboratory work. There are similar plans for Wider Student Experience activities, particularly towards the end of term.

Examinations are to remain fully online.


One thought on “Students asked not to return to Durham before start of Easter term

  • There’s still hundreds, possibly thousands of students in the city, presumably in private digs.


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