Rewriting resolutions in 2021

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After a year dominated by a sense of all the things we can’t do, I decided that my resolution in 2021 would be to take something up. Months of online zoom learning has led to some very stiff muscles and a worrying lack of mobility. My resolution is to do some form of Pilates, Yoga, or stretching every day – whether it’s 5 minutes before going to sleep, or a full-on Yoga class. I’m not going to keep trying to give up chocolate – it never works and, frankly, it’s not worth it. I hope that this resolution proves more achievable, and ultimately self-beneficial.


I have decided to take each day as it comes.

I often embrace January armed with a list of ambitious promises of certainty and routine inscribed confidently into a fresh yearly planner. This time around, after a year that’s shaken us like no other, the tradition holds little ammunition. My resolutions for 2021, therefore, look a little different and find themselves accessorised with hopeful uncertainty: to hopefully spend more time with my loved ones, to hopefully make my mind a gentler place to inhabit, and to hopefully spend less time frantically refreshing a phone screen.


After a difficult year and with the uncertainty of what 2021 has to hold, I felt it was right to rethink what a resolution would mean to me this year. In the past I have set resolutions to put pressure on myself to change; but with everything constantly changing around us, that didn’t feel productive or healthy for me to do this time around. Instead, I have decided to take each day as it comes.

My resolution is to wake up each morning and assess one thing I can do to care for myself each day. These daily steps can be big or small, but most importantly I can adjust them each day which will take away the pressure and the fear of ‘breaking’ it. My hope is that at the end of 2021, I can look back and realise that my daily steps help me to grow. Whether you make a year-long resolution or approach it as a daily approach like me – be patient with yourself this year.


My resolutions for 2021 look a bit different from last year.

For most, the new year signifies a breath of fresh air; it can instigate both the dying of once familiar and unhealthy habits or the start of something new. For me, January this year has meant the revival of old behaviours, habits lost through teenage distractions and social media. A simple self-request, my only resolution is to read one book per week.

It sounds like a small amount, but, in all honesty, my love for reading has long been neglected; even books I am sure to be interested in are often left unfinished. Perhaps a metaphor of something more significant, I want to end my addiction to screens and replace it with an old comfort, something authentic. I want this year to be the year where my night-time routine does not consist of an hour’s scroll before sleep, but an hour dedicated to something I once loved. Time to get back to basics.


Image: Corina Rainer via Unsplash

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