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For Durham students who haven’t really found the hobby for them, don’t think they fit into any of the sports or societies the university has to offer and would rather have a quiet night in instead of another night at Klute: society newly launched this year, and is a breath of fresh air.

offered a haven away from summative stress

As a second-year student who wasn’t really involved in many college societies, offered a haven away from summative stress and an endless list of reading.

Initially, it sounds very niche. And in fact, it definitely is. But it’s also a hobby that I wish I’d found long ago.

With the friendliest exec I’ve ever met, a very chill atmosphere, and a Bob-Ross style evening, have created the perfect society for anyone whether you are a novice looking for something new, or someone wanting to refresh their brush skills.

Whilst the name suggests that alcohol plays an important part in the evening, for those of you who haven’t signed up to drink, there are always non-alcoholic alternatives to the two glasses of Prosecco on offer per student. Nevertheless, the evening isn’t really about the alcohol anyway. I would definitely say it is more about the chill, friendly atmosphere.

An easy, calm, welcoming society

Most people say the best way to meet people is through joining societies, and whilst this is true, this is also incredibly daunting for introverts. So whilst is a great way of meeting new people who have also just come to relax and unwind for the evening, there’s also the perfect opportunity to escape from your thoughts and just freely paint, on your own if you’d prefer. Having said that, alongside the few sessions that took place last term, the casual drinks social they held at Revs was the perfect way to meet like-minded people who just wanted to join an easy, calm, welcoming society.

Aside from the actual therapy of freely painting canvasses (with optional inspiration to follow) at the event, bringing home creative works of art really do add a little warmth and happiness to an otherwise very cold, dingy Viaduct student house.

In the nicest way possible, my flatmate and I are quite lazy when it comes to signing up for societies, so the fact that this one really did change our minds is a testament to what the society has to offer. It really is something for everyone, and something I don’t quite know how universities have gone without.

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